Carbs, veggies and sweets.. Oh my!

Hi friends!

I want to talk about FOOD.

Do you stress eat?

Do you over eat?

Do you not drink enough water?

Are you sick of dieting?

Have you tried every program under the sun to lose weight and it just does not work?

I’m here to help!

Food is a big part of our lives, and our relationship with it can be so rocky.

I’ve tried everything from depriving myself to fad diets and popping diet pills.

We know, that if it works, it only works until we stop taking it. Then we have to start all over.

See, I’m not here to give you a quick fix. I am here to help you improve your relationship with food, and reach goals. Whether that be losing weight or just improving what you eat.

We (me and you!) will

• track everything you eat

• meal prep

• educate you on foods

• no saying NO

• drink lots of water

• cheer you on!

Just like our cars we fuel with gas, we should fuel our body with energy.

If you noticed, maybe you didn’t, but I haven’t used the word HEALTHY. Healthy doesn’t have to be counting calories (we won’t be doing that!) or saying no to Foods we crave (we won’t be doing that either). Heck, you guys we won’t be portioning our Foods into little containers saying we can have only so much either!

So here it is, you one chance to JOIN ME!

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