You can do anything for 60 seconds.

I’ve been absent from blogging.

I’m not here to sell you anything.

A month ago, I took a big leap. I needed to make some big changes. While I did the keto diet I lost weight but I still couldn’t stand looking at myself in the mirror.

I decided to start sharing workouts and become a coach.

In just a month (no joke A MONTH!) I am absolutely feeling amaaaazing. My body feels good, I’m seeing progress, and mentally I feel awesome! I finally have the confidence I had before kids!

Here’s the best part about what I’m doing I can do at home. I’ve always felt this judgement when going to the gym. I don’t have that at home. I also can easily add my workout to my schedule. ON NOBODIES TIME BUT MY OWN! That alone is a huge win!

Sometimes my sister or kids join me. Sometimes I do it alone. But no matter what I get it done.

These! Guess how many days apart they are?! 16!

16 days!

You guys! I want to help you feel confident in your skin, I want to cheer you on, and follow your journey all while working out and learning about nutrition!

Follow me on Instagram to keep up with how my journey is going and feel free to reach out if you need any support!


  1. Congrats you look absolutely amazing! I’m seven weeks postpartum and about to begin working out again. I have twenty pounds to lose! I’m not on IG but I’ll follow you here. 🙂

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