Please tell me more about how criminals follow the law

I never thought anytime soon I’d be explaining what happens if we took away guns until my sister (who mentally is 8 years old with Aspergers) comes up to tell me we need more gun control and that she is going to go to the capital to tell them to take away guns because that’s what the news says we need to do.

No. Just no.

Sadly this isn’t how it works. Miss Lacey watches a lot of cops and is aware that there are some laws in place to stop certain things. But not a full understanding of what the news agenda is or that bad people can be just that, bad people.

that bad people can be just that, bad people.

  • You never hear people say let’s take away spoons, and McDonald’s when they talk about the obesity issue we have in America. That is also killing people.
  • We don’t take away cars because someone drank, drove and killed someone. We don’t make them any harder to get.
  • We have drug laws but still people are fighting addictions every day and dying from them.
  • We have speed limits, fines and that hasn’t slowed us down.
  • You have to be 21 years of age to buy alcohol but still we have 16 year olds finding away to get it and getting in trouble.

Sadly, we report more about the shooter than the ways he could have been stopped. We scare people into thinking that if we had more gun control this wouldn’t have happened. As weeks pass we forget the faces and names of the people who were so quickly taken from us because we are so busy trying to stop something that honestly can’t be stopped.

My sister is convinced that the current school shooter shot a bunch of innocent people because his mom died. Now she has to hear things on repeat to remember most things, have we focused that much on his history to come up with excuses of why he did this? Once again, bad people are just that. Bad people.

We keep pointing out things about mental illness but not everyone with a mental illness is going to go hurt people. As I currently work my way through depression never once have I thought about hurting those surrounding me. Why are we giving it a bad name vs finding ways to help those that need help? I feel like all the labels we put on things scare people, how will we ever get anywhere if we are scared?

Above I mentioned that laws haven’t stopped issues that happen every day. Why would we take away a right when bad people don’t follow laws in the first place?

We live in a sick world, and I feel bad that my children will have to take on such things like this as they grow. I want them to be fully aware that no matter what happens in life and how things change, bad people will always be bad people.

Can we make things harder to get? Do more background checks? Limit the amount of ammunition bought or take some guns off the market? Sure we can. Is that going to stop someone? No. Once again criminals don’t follow the law.

We as humans find ways around everything put in our paths, we are all smart individuals. Life events happen that change us, but walking around in a crowd with no spoons doesn’t make obesity vanish.

Just like no one was able to stop the shooter (anywhere these mass murders happen) because they’ve all been in a gun free zone.

If I put a sign outside my house that said we own guns, and the neighbors put a sign that says we don’t own guns, which one is more likely to be broke into? Exactly…

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