Set goals. Say prayers. Work hard.

I’ve always had a dream of being a shop owner.

Being a mom of one I figured last year I’d open a store. But a month before my open date I had found out I was pregnant with babes #2.

Now this wouldn’t have been a big deal but between morning sickness, a toddler and being exhausted it got the best of me. So, my dream was put on hold.

Today I finally set up shop on Etsy! I’m so excited! You might think I’m a tad crazy, because not only am I a mom to a toddler and 3 month old I’m also the caregiver to my twin sister who has cerebral palsy.

But if I don’t chase my dreams, and put my faith in the big man upstairs that he will lead me through them then they will only ever be dreams.

I have a lot of work to put into my shop but I have added a few things to get started.

Here I am. Setting goals and smashing goals. All while I chase a toddler, feeding a little babes, and helping my twin sistaaaa.

I’ve added a link on the top of my page so you can check it out too! Give it a follow as I’ll be adding more things soon.


Thomas Chaos

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