R-Word; Spread the word to end the word

I asked Miss Lacey about vlogging some of her life and her response made me sad.

Lacey is very aware she has a disability and she is also very aware that people have been made fun of for being disabled. But when she used the word retarded it hurt my heart.

This word is thrown around so freely now days. It needs to stop. Most of all we need to teach our young kids that we don’t use this word.

Lacey has so much to offer and I’m hoping she sees just what she is capable of even with a disability.

At one point in Lacey’s video she says she talks to our dads cowboy hats and that she doesn’t want that to leave the house. As I type I asked her again if that’s ok it’s on the video and she said it’s fine. (Her counselor actually suggest she does this as an outlet for her)

Again Lacey has the IQ of around an 8 year old. She takes a lot from TV and will repeat it or twist it in to her own story so sometimes the things she understands or doesn’t can be over here and there.

I didn’t start filming this video until the middle of our conversation because honestly I didn’t see it going where she took it. But I thought what better way to end the R word than by sharing a video from someone who has a disability and is afraid that’s what people will call her.

The video doesn’t seem to be working so at the top I will be putting a link to our YouTube channel. Or you can click my instagram page and see a clip of the video.


Lacey can’t wait to see your comments so I will be sharing all the positive love she receives.

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