You can’t pour from an empty cup.

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.

As I look back on the past few months and all of the changes I realized it’s so easy to forget about myself.

2 kids require a lot of attention. Heck even one kid is a lot to handle.

Georgia is almost 3 months old and such an easy baby. We are blessed that she sleeps through the night, and her eating schedule is pretty much on a schedule too. Some days she wants to be held more than others but that’s a nice break to remember I need to slow down. I need to enjoy these moments as we all know too well they go by too fast.

Grayson is 2 and currently potty training. He’s a very independent child so he has to do it all himself. That sounds easy until he tells me he pooped on the floor or I just find him with no underwear on. No joke, I find them in my kitchen, cupboards, in the toy box, and hallway. I’m sure I’m missing some spots. He even helps get his own breakfast. This all might not sound that bad until you forget he HAS help. I flushed the toilet after he was done using it yesterday and he had a meltdown. I didn’t let him grab his own cup this morning annnnd the water works started. Sometimes it’s easier to get things done myself, or when I’m in a hurry I forget how much he likes to help.

I literally have to plan my day out by the minute. If I sleep in until 7 my day feels like it’s already out of day light.

Now I haven’t explained much about Miss Lacey. But to be quick she has about the IQ of an 8 year old, cerebral palsy, and a stubborn attitude. Haha! For real, if you’ve met her she’s someone you won’t ever forget! She keeps me on my toes to say the least.

I’m the mother of my children so helping, discipline and teaching they just have to like it. Miss Lacey sees me as just her twin sister so helping, teach and explaining why we do things a certain way can be hard for her to accept from me. Kyle can say something and she totally is all for it, I say the same thing and she may get mad at me.

This morning I’m looking up a DIY planner because no planner that I’ve looked into (even the ones you can make to fit your lifestyle) work for absolutely everything we have going on. We have the first 2 and a half weeks of February full of appointments and it’s not even the 1st. That isn’t including at least 7 more appointments that will be scheduled.

It’s not the appointments that drain me. Its our everyday schedule that can run a person down. When I think I can’t do anymore I end up adding more.

To give you a rough idea of our schedule. Mainly all the things I have to remember.

Side note; Lacey was in a group home under staff supervision before she lived with me. She refused to do a lot of things, and would either forget or say no to doing even daily life things she should be doing. Sooo basically I have to remember things for her too. Her short term memory isn’t the best.

Gray and Georgie eat around 730/8. Diapers need to be changed, and teeth brushed. I can do a lot with one hand as I feed Georgie but not everything. Haha.

Lacey needs to be reminded multiple times to get up and take her meds. She loves to sleep so she will just roll over and go back to bed. I have to see meds to make sure she took them all and help her get breakfast ready.

Lacey will then need to be reminded to do her physical therapy stretches, take a shower (some times she needs assistance), brush her teeth and so forth.

She will need simple reminders of putting her hand brace on, how to sort her laundry, and comb her hair. We also want to make sure she is making the right choices of clothing (and that she’s grabbing clean clothes) for the weather.

While I’m trying to make sure miss Lacey is all taken care if I will be checking that my toddler isn’t getting into anything and the littlest babes is still good.

I will start lunch around noon, and remind Lacey she has to eat lunch. I help everyone get lunch and feed Georgie. This may sound crazy, but I’m so busy helping them I forget to make lunch for myself.

Grayson takes a nap around the same time every day, Georgia isn’t much of a napper at the moment. Lacey takes a nap a few times a week, she would sleep all day every day if I didn’t remind her adults don’t do that. So I have to find things for her to do that’s productive. This week she’s painted, and baked.

Some days I have supper in the crockpot and some days I try to make it around 5. But no joke at 4pm every day my house becomes chaos. Everyone needs something from me at the same time.

Bedtime for everyone is around the same time, Lacey needs to take her meds. Once a week I refill her meds.

If this doesn’t sound that busy, don’t forget about the appointments, the grocery shopping, the playing, cleaning, dishes and laundry.

This is our Thomas Chaos on a daily but it’s also a blessing.

I’m currently trying to set up a schedule for myself down to the time of when I can take a shower, have a warm cup of coffee, and take an hour to myself. I am completely aware this will only be a rough draft schedule because seriously life happens. I wouldn’t change this life for anything. I give a lot but I get more in return than anyone will ever see. The love in our home is overwhelming.

Life happens.

I think when life gets so busy we easily forget about ourselves. I know that if I don’t take at least a few minutes to myself I get irritated easily. If I don’t find time for something I enjoy I may not be as happy.

I need to put myself at the top of my to do list every day, because if I’m not at my best how can I give the best? I don’t have to quit what I’m doing, I just need to learn to rest. If we don’t keep watering ourselves how will we bloom?

In life we always need to remember to take a deep breath, and it’s ok to step back. By not cleaning the house I may create a bigger mess but that’s ok. I am one person and I can’t do everything all the time. If I forget something that doesn’t mean I’m not doing a great job.

Miss Lacey had a grand mal seizure last Monday night. After we got home from the ER all I could think about is What did I miss? Could I have done something different? Did she say something to me and I just ignored it?

I put so much pressure on myself to be the best. Once again if I am not at my best how can I be the best?

So while I make a schedule, take care of my babies, remind my twin sista of things and not forget about all that my husband does I take a moment to remember that I have to take care of me first.

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