Put your phone down, Mama

Put your phone down, Mama!

My 2 year old said this to me the other night.

I did not expect it at all, but it got me to thinking. Our cellphones have replaced cameras, calendars and alarm clocks.

How many times do we go to a dinner, a game or somewhere we should be socializing but instead spend time on our phones?

I can think of many times. I can’t say I realize in the moment how often I am actually on my phone though (Obviously my son had to remind me).

Some of us are too busy documenting our lives to enjoy it.

Just like most people I love pictures, I want pictures of everything and as many as possible. Whether it be my green yard or the cat taking a nap with the littlest babes. I’m always wanting to document these moments.

I never thought my little human would notice how much my phone is in my hand. He’s over there and then back over here, always seeming distracted. They really do pay closer attention than we think.

I don’t want him to only remember the video I sent of him on Snapchat or my phone always in his face to get a good photo.

We charge our cellphone but let our marriage die. If your smart phone receives more daily charging than your spouse, then you’re spending too much time talking to the wrong people.

If my child feels this way, can you imagine how our spouses feel? I can’t lie, my husband is on his phone a lot. He works all day so I barely get to talk to him then comes home and it seems his phone is blowing up just as much as the night before. Remind you I’m a stay at home mom so TALK TO ME PLEASE!

Kyle is awesome at recognizing this. When we take trips or even a day trip he makes a point to not be checking his phone. Now I have to remember he has to work so if we have a down minute I can’t be upset he’s following up on something real quick.

I don’t have Facebook. Each year when I delete it right away I see how much time Kyle spends on his. I’m constantly asking him what he is doing or make little comments like “I hope whatever you are looking at is interesting.” Because once again talk to meeeee.

Are you paying enough attention to your significant other??

Wow! Just thinking about so many moments that involve our phones (even as I type this) is kind of sad. Do any of you have a time out time for your phone? I’ve heard some people not allowing phones at the table, or no electronics after 8. Maybe my family will try to do no phones in bed. Can you think of how many times you sit on our phone before you go to bed?

I’m really going to make a point to to be aware of how much time I’m actually spending on my phone. I guess sometimes we need a child’s point of view to remind us what is important.

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